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Financial Disclosure Solicitors

The aim of the Court is to achieve fairness. and if you cannot agree, the Court will impose a decision on you. Judges have wide-ranging discretion and can make a number of orders having regard to fairness with the priority given to the interests of the children.  The court can make orders for transfer of property, lump sums, maintenance, and pension sharing. 

Judges will consider all of the circumstances of the case; including financial resources, the value of your home, your mortgage, incomes, savings and pensions. They will look at the needs of both parties and also any children involved, having regard to the need for a home and an income to cover day-to-day expenses. 

To consider all of the circumstances of the case and needs, the first step is to consider all your financial resources.  This is called “financial disclosure” with each having a duty to be open and honest in disclosing all assets and income.  Once disclosure is received the court will consider three main principles; sharing, needs, and compensation.  We can explain how each of these impacts upon your individual case. 

We can advise on immediate financial issues such as maintenance or the preservation of assets pending a divorce, and the relevance and valuation of family businesses and pensions.  We can advise on the instruction and use of other expert professional such as Independent Financial Advisors, Accountants, Pension Actuaries and valuers where appropriate.

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