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Domestic Violence Solicitors

Domestic abuse takes many forms and we can help you deal with unpleasant and difficult situations in a way that is most suitable to your circumstances; obtaining non-molestation injunctions and occupation orders where appropriate.

A non-molestation order is designed to prevent a spouse or partner assaulting harassing or pestering the other party and the children.  It can order a party not to come within a certain area or distance from the other party. It can also prevent third parties from trying to threaten or intimidate you.

Occupation orders can regulate the use and occupation of property can exclude a partner or spouse from the property and prevent his or her return.

Injunctions can, in certain circumstances, be obtained urgently without notice to the other party. We can advise you how to apply for an injunction and can attend court on your behalf. As breach of the terms of an injunction is a criminal offence, the penalties and consequences for breach can be serious and may include imprisonment in extreme cases.

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