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Shh! It's a secret trust, or is it?

Derek Bryer
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Often people wish to make a gift to a person in their will on the understanding that the person will use the gift for the benefit of someone else.  Some of the problems that can arise when relying on this arrangement were laid bare this year as the...

Cap on care costs: Is £86,000 the true figure and what do we know about the proposals?

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The government has proposed to bring in a “cap” of £86,000 on October 2023 on the amount adults pay for their care. It will need to be voted on like any piece of new legislation and we have yet to see the details, but we already know that...

Judge overturns Jehovah's Witness's Advance Decision not to accept a blood transfusion

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This case serves as a good example that Advance Decisions should be regularly reviewed and that the provisions of Lasting Powers of Attorney should be carefully drafted to ensure your wishes are clear and adhered to. Mrs W was an 80-year-old Jehovah's...

Are wills public documents?

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In most cases a will becomes a public document after probate has been issued, but there are exceptions such as in the case of the late HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, whose will has been sealed for 90 years. Unless you are the Queen or King of...

Covid-19 Contact and Meeting Policy

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Our offices are now open and fully staffed. We  try to avoid meetings save as mentioned below. We are available to clients during working hours as mentioned below. To enable us to continue advising our clients, we have made some changes to the way...

Who should you consider appointing under a Lasting Power of Attorney?

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The recently reported case of Robin Morris, who was handed an 18-month suspended sentence for using a Lasting Power of Attorney to steal so much from his mother there was no money left for her funeral, is a solemn warning to attorneys who breach their duties...

What is Commercial Litigation?

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While many people automatically assume that ‘litigation’ refers to taking someone to court, this isn’t necessarily the most accurate explanation. In fact, litigation instead refers to taking any type of legal action. This may indeed result...

World Alzheimer's Month - How Does Alzheimer's Affect You?

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September marks the beginning of World Alzheimer’s Month , which seeks to raise awareness and highlight issues faced by people affected by dementia. In our latest blog we consider how dementia may affect you and what you can do, and should not do,...

What Are the Grounds for Contesting a Will?

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It is never easy to lose a loved one and the grieving process can be a very difficult time to go through. As such, when the time comes for you to organise their assets, belongings and final requests, it’s natural to hope the process will be simple and...

Will Forgeries on the Rise

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The recent and highly publicised trial of carers, Lynda and Wayne Rickard, reflects a growing number of cases coming before the courts relating to will forgeries. Lynda and Wayne had attempted to persuade the court that the wills of Joy Sootheran and Anthony...

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