Dispute Resolution and Litigation Solicitors

Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Seeing the wood……

Disputes of any type will usually involve complex issues with the parties often having sincerely held but polarised and fixed belief in the merits of their own case and as a result many suffer ‘tunnel vision’.

Our approach is first to analyse the issues and then identify what is in the client’s best interests before advising on options for the client to consider, either for seeking a negotiated resolution, or for possible court action. This ‘overview’ strategy enables us to put the client’s best interests at the forefront and ensures that we do not ‘fail to see the wood for trees’.

Litigation Solicitors

‘An ounce of evidence is worth a tonne of law’……….Ian Black QC 

The only remedy to conclude a dispute may in some instances be to issue or to defend a court claim and for a judge to determine the outcome based on the law and all the evidence as presented to the court. 

When we assess the merits of a claim or a defence we undertake a review of the relevant law and of all available evidence including documents and the statements of witnesses.

Court proceedings can be expensive but not always. If Court proceedings are necessary we can help you.


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