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Empathetic Family Lawyers to Help You Navigate Life’s Toughest Challenges

Family is one of the most important aspects of life, and when something happens to jeopardise that, it can feel as if your world is falling to pieces.

At Taylor Fordyce, our family law solicitors in Winchester recognise how complex and challenging family law matters can be, especially when children are involved. We can help you find the best solution for you and your loved ones, no matter how difficult your situation.

Whether you are getting married, entering a civil partnership, ending your relationship, or something else, our family solicitors will deliver proficient family law advice. Your best interests are the centre of what they do.

The Taylor Fordyce team has years of collective experience helping families in Winchester and the surrounding areas. We believe in avoiding contentious court proceedings where necessary and can guide you through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods where possible. However, we recognise ADR isn’t always appropriate and can provide expert representation in court proceedings where needed.

When you instruct our family solicitors to help with your family law matter, we will approach each step of the process with the utmost sensitivity and compassion. We recognise how tough these situations can be and will always make sure that you are completely comfortable and supported throughout.

Our family law solicitor, Adrian Silk, has more than 25 years experience helping families through some of the most challenging situations life can throw at you. Adrian is an accredited member of Resolution, a family lawyers network dedicated to finding amicable approaches to family law matters. Adrian’s experience includes a variety of family law matters, from representing clients during a divorce, to matters associated with children.

No matter your situation, receiving top-quality family law advice is important to ensure you and your loved ones are efficiently supported during these tough times.

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Our Family Law Services in Winchester

Divorce and Separation in Winchester

Going through a divorce is a complex and emotional time for all involved, and that’s why it’s important to receive expert guidance from a professional.

Our family solicitors in Winchester have an in-depth understanding of the no fault divorce process and can help you with all aspects, including making a divorce application through to drafting a Consent Order to formalise a voluntarily agreed financial settlement. If there is agreement a consent order can be made with effect from the first order of divorce – the conditional order.

The Taylor Fordyce team will ensure you fully understand the divorce process by taking you step by step through explaining how it works and providing specialist support throughout.

Arrangements for Children in Winchester

As a parent, you want the best for your child, and where a legal matter involves your child, it can feel like the end of the world. But with the guidance of a child law solicitor providing family law advice, matters can be swiftly resolved, helping you to have more time to focus on your children and their future.

Our solicitors understand the need to maintain relationships with your children. We can help you to find an outcome that suits both of you, finding an appropriate arrangement for where your child will live and the amount of contact each of you will have.

Divorce Financial Settlements in Winchester

Finances are often one of the biggest concerns during divorce, with each party wanting to protect their assets. There are many different actions that can be taken, but it’s crucial to seek support from a professional to ensure your interests are protected.

When you instruct our family solicitors in Winchester, we will provide you with tailored advice and guidance to find an appropriate method of resolution, in hopes of settling on a financial settlement that suits both your needs and circumstances. Whether you have a straightforward matter or more complex financial matters to deal with, our family law solicitors can provide the specialist help you need.

Relationship Planning and Asset Protection in Winchester

Taking the next step in your relationship is exciting, but it’s crucial to protect yourself in case things don’t work out the way you hoped they would. So, whether you’re planning to move in together, get married, or enter into a civil partnership, seeking legal guidance is prudent.

The Taylor Fordyce team in Winchester have the experience and skill to ensure our clients get the best possible outcome for their interests while avoiding unnecessary conflict. We believe in transparent and constructive advice, helping you and your partner to prepare for the unexpected.

Pre-nuptial Agreements and Post-nuptial Agreements in Winchester

Many people often believe obtaining a prenuptial or postnuptial is only for the wealthy, but it can and is used by anyone, helping to provide financial certainty over the future should your relationship break down unexpectedly.

The team of solicitors at Taylor Fordyce have a broad scope of knowledge and are skilled in drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.  We can help to guide you in the right direction, including making sure all important aspects are included, advising you on the benefits, drawbacks, and legal rights, in addition to negotiating agreements presented to you.

Living Together Agreements in Winchester

Moving in with your partner can feel as if everything is set exactly into place, but without the right provisions, it can be a recipe for disaster in the unforeseeable future. A living together / cohabitation agreement can provide you with the protection you need, including all important financial factors that need to be considered.

Our family solicitors can provide their expertise in matters such as cohabitee advice, drafting an agreement and separation for unmarried couples. Working with our co-habitation solicitors means you will receive clear, realistic family law advice in Winchester from acknowledged experts.

Domestic Violence in Winchester

Domestic abuse is a distressing and upsetting situation to be experiencing, whether you are a victim of domestic abuse or a loved one is experiencing abuse. Seeking a solicitor’s assistance can help to prevent your abuser from doing any further damaging actions against you or your loved ones.

Our family law solicitors in Winchester have in-depth knowledge of the different forms of domestic abuse and what can be done about them. Over the years, we have helped a wide range of clients in different domestic abuse situations. We can help you understand what your rights are and the court orders and injunctions available to protect you.

Winchester Family Law Pricing

At Taylor Fordyce, we are proud to offer our clients transparent and competitive fees for family law matters.

From the outset, you can be confident in receiving a detailed quote of the expected costs.

For straightforward matters, we are often able to offer a fixed fee service, such as filing a divorce application or making a Consent Order to formalise your financial settlement.

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