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Landlord and Tenant Disputes Solicitors

Landlord and tenant disputes can arise for a number of reasons, from contract breaches to failed rent payments. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, a dispute can be complicated, often stressful, time consuming and costly.

Getting legal guidance from an expert at the earliest opportunity is essential to ensure the matters are resolved in a timely manner, preventing any long-term consequences or additional expenses.

Taylor Fordyce’s specialist landlord and tenant solicitors frequently advise clients in all aspects of tenant and landlord disputes. We have a strong track record for success, whether we assist in methods of ADR or court proceedings. We always aim to provide a top-quality service for our clients, helping to achieve the best possible result in a convenient and swift manner to ensure minimum stress and cost.

Our tenant and landlord disputes solicitors provide a bespoke service, with high level of experience dealing with matters including:

Our landlord-tenant disputes team can advise and act on behalf of both tenants and landlords (including assured shorthold tenancies and periodic tenancies). However, we are unable to act for both parties (i.e. landlord and tenant) in any dispute and will decline to act should the circumstances so demand.

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Our landlord-tenant dispute resolution services

Tenancy agreements

Without a solid tenancy agreement in place, there is no protection for landlords or tenants. A tenancy agreement is a contract that serves to provide the rights and responsibilities of each party.

Our experienced landlord and tenant disputes solicitors can provide clear, practical guidance on all aspects of tenancy agreements. We are up to date with all relevant laws and regulations and regularly assist clients with legal advice, drafting tenancy agreements and taking action over breach of tenancy agreements.

Tenants’ rights

The tenancy agreement protects both parties by setting out rights and responsibilities, including tenants’ rights. Where your rights are not being met, i.e., your property falls below a reasonable living standard and this is not being appropriately addressed, your landlord could be breaching their legal responsibility.

Our team of tenants’ rights lawyers will listen to your case and recommend available options. We will always aim to achieve resolution through negotiation to avoid the need for contentious legal proceedings. However, where court proceedings are needed, we will back your claim.

Possession proceedings

Where a tenant is not leaving the property and a Section 8 and/or Section 21 Notice has been served, you might feel out of options for what to do next. However, following this, a court proceeding application can be filed.

Our landlord-tenant dispute solicitors have a strong track record for success in assisting with possession proceedings. We can aid by filing possession proceeding applications, submitting witness statements, including evidence to support the claim, and representing you in court. We can also help tenants facing possession proceedings by explaining the law and defending their rights.


Where a tenant is in breach of their contract, it is possible to serve an eviction notice, but there are strict legal procedures that must be followed.

Pursuing legal advice will help in preventing future legal action from your tenants. Our solicitors will take the time to understand your circumstances and provide appropriate options. Should you choose to pursue an eviction notice, we will guide you throughout the process.


Dilapidation can occur when a landlord has suffered a loss due to a breach of contract through disrepair and failure to reinstate damaged items.

Our landlord and tenant dispute solicitors can help landlords take action to make tenants repair or replace anything damaged or recover the cost of making good the damage where required.

Rent arrears

When a tenant fails to fulfil their rent on time, this is known as a rent arrears. Where this occurs, landlords can be left out of pocket, and in a complicated situation, we recommend pursuing legal advice as soon as possible before matters escalate further.

Our tenant-landlord disputes solicitors can assist with rent arrears advice and assistance, such as issuing and responding to a formal Section 8 Notice, applying, and responding to possession orders, including outright, postponed, and suspended possession orders, as well as applying for a warrant for possession where a tenant fails to leave the property. 

Adverse possession (‘squatters’ rights’)

Adverse possession means that someone who is occupying a property or piece of land without the owner’s permission for an extended period of time could be entitled to claim legal ownership where certain requirements are met. For a landlord or landowner, this can be a challenging and expensive situation.

Our adverse possession solicitors can provide appropriate advice, establish whether there is a claim available, assist with adverse possession applications, aid with the protection of land from potential claims and contest any adverse possession claims.

Our approach to landlord and tenant disputes

Our landlord and tenant dispute solicitors work proactively from the outset to ensure conflict is kept to a minimum, as well as reduce time frames and costs where possible.

Our team have a high level of combined experience in alternative dispute resolution methods, but where applicable, we can represent you in court proceedings.

Tenant and landlord disputes resolution pricing

We understand cost can be a concern when seeking legal advice for landlord and tenant disputes. At Taylor Fordyce, we believe value for money is important, and our solicitors will always aim to provide a service that reflects this.

Our pricing depends on the type of landlord and tenant disputes advice and service needed as well as the level of legal experience required. For simple tenant and landlord disputes cases, we are typically able to offer fixed fees, providing reassurance and certainty of the exact cost you will be paying. Where cases are more complex and require a higher level of knowledge and experience, we will usually charge an hourly rate.

We always aim to be transparent with our legal fees, including informing you ahead of time if there are any changes in price, additional court fees, etc.

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