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Land Disputes & Property Disputes Solicitors

For many of us, property will be by far the most valuable asset we own, so a dispute involving your land or property is often serious cause for concern. If not handled correctly, these disputes can be expensive, as well as time-consuming and highly frustrating.

Failure to achieve your desired outcome can also be very costly, with long-term negative consequences. It is therefore essential to get the right legal advice and guidance at the earliest opportunity.

Taylor Fordyce’s specialist land and property rights solicitors regularly advise clients in relation to all types of land and property law disputes. We can help you achieve the best available result as swiftly and cost-effectively as possible, with the minimum disruption and stress for you.

Examples of some of the typical claims we handle include those relating to easements, rights over land, rights of way, boundary disputes, unlawful occupation and trespass, damage to property, shared ownership, trusts of land and beneficial ownership rights.

Whether you are looking to take pre-emptive action to prevent a dispute from escalating or are at the point of initiating or responding to court proceedings, we can provide the clear guidance and skilled representation you need to protect your interests.

For expert advice on resolving a land or property dispute, please contact William Sclater on 01962 810918  or email info@taylorfordyce.co.uk.

Our expertise in land & property dispute resolution

We have decades of experience handling everything from relatively straightforward land and property disputes to those which are much more complex and contentious. Our solicitors have worked with clients all over the UK, including in the high-value London property market.

We regularly advise clients on all types of land and property disputes, including those relating to:

  • Rent arrears
  • Service charges
  • Dilapidations
  • Security of tenure
  • Forfeiture/possession
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Insolvent tenants
  • Rights of way
  • Land and property boundaries
  • Trespassers
  • Compulsory Purchase Orders
  • Planning appeals
  • Lease extensions
  • Lease enfranchisement

How we resolve land & property disputes the right way for you

When dealing with any kind of land dispute or property dispute, our first priority is to understand what you need to achieve, as well as any particular concerns you might have. We recognise that there are often secondary issues to consider beyond the central point of dispute, such as maintaining a positive relationship with a neighbour, landlord or tenant, or ensuring any solution we arrive at matches your business goals.

With strong expertise in a variety of dispute resolution strategies, both in and out of court, we can offer a tailored approach that best matches your needs and helps you to secure the best available outcome for your interests.

Our ability to achieve success through a range of approaches means we can assist you with finding the right way to resolve your land or property dispute, no matter how challenging the circumstances involved.

Land & property litigation

Over the years, we have pursued cases in a wide range of courts including the Technology and Construction Court, Lands and Property Chambers, and the Chancery and Insolvency divisions of the High Court, as well as in County Courts across the country.

Our experience with pursuing land and property disputes through the courts means we know exactly what is needed to give you the best chance of securing a positive result. We can therefore ensure your case is prepared in the right way from the outset, making sure all of the relevant details are highlighted and that every angle is considered to produce the strongest possible case.

Out of court settlements for land & property disputes

We also have a strong track record of securing positive results for our clients outside of court, using negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods. 

These methods often allow land and property claims to be resolved faster and at lower cost, as well as keeping things simpler and less stressful for you. Alternative dispute resolution can be particularly beneficial for those disputes where you need to maintain a positive relationship with the other party or parties involved, such as where the dispute involves a neighbour, landlord or tenant.

Our fees for land and property dispute resolution

We understand that cost is often a key consideration when dealing with any type of dispute. Our solicitors always make sure that our approach takes into account the overall value of the matter, so that any legal costs incurred remain proportionate, allowing us to offer a cost-effective service.

While some of our services, such as writing a letter before claim, may be offered on a fixed-fee basis, for more complex matters we will usually charge based on an hourly rate. We always aim to be completely transparent with our fees and any other costs involved in pursuing a matter, such as court fees, so will be happy to discuss this with you at the outset.

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