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Property Information Forms

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Selling a home is seldom as straight forward as we would like to think and knowing this The Law Society has produced a new edition of the Property Information Form which has been in use for many years in conveyancing.

It is not surprising that it is now longer than the previous edition, with a number of new topics introduced and with more specific information being required.

For example, there are new questions about:

  • Solar panels and leases of roof space
  • Flooding
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Parking facilities
  • Green Deal

On the positive side, it has boxes which can be ticked to indicate the answer and so might be easier to complete.

Another form which has been revised is the Fittings & Contents Form, which has also been in use for many years. This is now longer and clearer.

Although it is time-consuming to deal with these information forms, it is well worth the seller making the effort to give the buyer a clear picture of the property being sold, as that can avoid delays which can occur later in the transaction if the buyer or his advisers make a discovery about the property and start raising enquiries about it.