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Many of us accept that we should make a Will but fail to do so, usually because there is something else more pressing in our lives or because it’s something we don’t really want to think about.

However, if you don’t make a Will, you risk dying intestate, meaning your estate may pass to people you wouldn’t have intended. It also makes dealing with your estate much harder for your loved ones, leaving them with a lot of unnecessary stress and hassle at an already difficult time.

Here at Taylor Fordyce, we can help give you peace of mind by ensuring that your estate will pass in accordance with your wishes on your death. By making a Will you can take control of providing for your family and those closest to you in life after your death, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our Will writing solicitors will work closely with you to prepare a Will tailored to your individual circumstances and needs. Our Wills are easy to understand and clear in intention, leaving no ambiguity or room for misinterpretation that could lead to unnecessary conflict between your loved ones after you are gone.

We offer a fixed fee Will writing service for straightforward Wills or competitive hourly rates for more complex work. All billable work will be agreed in advance, so you stay in complete control of the cost of your Will.

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Our Will writing services

Writing a Will

We can guide you through the whole process of writing your Will, making sure all of your assets are properly considered and that your beneficiaries needs will be met.

Our Will solicitors have particular expertise in areas including Inheritance Tax planning, asset protection and setting up trusts, as well as dealing with complex and high value assets and issues such as remarriage and children from previous relationships.

Updating your Will

If have a Will but your circumstances have changed (e.g. you have gotten married or divorced, or had children) we can advise you on whether a new Will is needed or whether you can simply modify your existing Will with a codicil.


A codicil is a legal document you can create that modifies your existing Will. It will need to be signed and witnessed in the same way as a Will and should be stored with your Will.

A codicil may be a good idea if you need to make small amendments to your Will (e.g. to account for the fact that a named beneficiary has died). However, if you need to make more significant changes, it may be better to make a new Will, which is something we will be happy to provide guidance on.

Storing your Will

It is very important that your Will can be accessed easily when it is needed. While many people choose to keep a copy at home, it is a good idea to have the solicitor who made the Will for you keep a copy. You can also lodge a copy with the Probate Service for a small fee.

Our Will writing fees

Fixed fee Will writing

For straightforward Wills, we can usually agree a fixed priced. This covers writing the Will and having it signed and witnessed.

Hourly rates for Will writing

For more complex Wills, we will agree an hourly rate. This means you get exactly as much or as little support as you need and will only pay for the time we spend working on your Will for you.

Our Will writing expertise

Taylor Fordyce is independently regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), providing assurance that we continually meet the highest legal and professional standards.

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If you need sensitive, expert help with creating or updating a Will, or any other issues connected to Wills and inheritance, please get in touch with our expert Wills, trusts and probate solicitors in WinchesterSunningdale or Alresford, or fill in our simple online enquiry form.


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