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Covid-19 Contact and Meeting Policy

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Our offices are now open and fully staffed. We  try to avoid meetings save as mentioned below. We are available to clients during working hours as mentioned below.

To enable us to continue advising our clients, we have made some changes to the way in which we will work.  These are detailed below:

Contacting us

We offer various methods of communication, including telephone, email and document exchange. We also have Zoom conferencing facilities.

Our general office contact details are:

Winchestertelephone: 01962 841041email: info@taylorfordyce.co.uk
Sunningdaletelephone: 01344 637960email: info@taylorfordyce.co.uk
Alresfordtelephone: 01962 735705email: info@taylorfordyce.co.uk

Post & Royal Mail

We are receiving post via Royal Mail, but we are finding that it takes much longer for us to receive it. Please therefore refrain from using the post, wherever possible. Documents can still be dropped through our letter boxes.

Dropping Documentation into our offices

It is possible for clients to drop off ID documentation or paperwork relating to their matter to one of our offices, but this must be done by making an appointment in advance, so please liaise with the solicitor dealing with your matter or call one of our offices for further direction.

Appointments at our offices

In order to reduce the risk of infection, we try to avoid carrying out face-to-face meetings with clients. We will still be able to speak to you on the telephone, email you or arrange an online meeting.

Appointments at your home or business

To ensure the safety of our staff and our clients, we will not be carrying out appointments at your home or business until further notice.